Restoring the Sacred Domain for all of human life

The sacred cooperative community creates a life-affirming sphere in which the reduction of humanity to mere objectified existence is transcended. 

Persist as Love

Persist as Love is the practice of remaining open and receptive in heart, body, and mind towards all beings in all circumstances. The discipline is one of the transcendence of differences, through forgiveness. We dare to relate with one another through the defenseless and vulnerable wound of the heart. This manifests as an ever-increasing awareness of our intimacy or relationship with everything, a deepening awareness of the illusion of “other” and ultimately, a direct perception of the Unity of all creation.

Life as Art

As human beings we have a deep longing for beauty and meaning. Life as Art is our commitment to create human balance in the world again. Source Temple is founded upon active service to others. We cooperatively share our functions and resources, allowing all aspects of daily life to be a whole expression of one’s life energy and a total dedication to the common Source. Our model has matured over time, becoming a clear demonstration of a way of being that is mutually dependent, responsive, liberating, and peaceful.

Humanity is immersed in a dark epoch in which the sacred has been almost extinguished from human consciousness. We are confronted by wars, scarcity, misery, differences, exclusions of all kind as well as the worship of pain, suffering, and death.

Our practice is to consciously transcend our childish ego-dependence on the materialistic, secular state. In active cooperation with one another, we become self-sufficient, humorous, and unexploitable, thus restoring the sacred domain as the basis for human life.



The true test and proof of a human being is not whether or not he or she can attain mystical experiences, or even sophisticated scientific knowledge and power over the world. The true test is whether or not any individual human being will exist as love and persist as lovetranscending himself or herself in the midst of all experience and all knowledge, even when all experience and all knowledge press upon the individual to be less than love.


Perfect Intimacy

Our way is that of Perfect Intimacy, which reflects in the world as kindness, care for one another, tolerance, peace, and cooperation. Our practice takes the shape of two main disciplines, Persist as Love and Life as Art. Founded on relationship, they are designed to transfigure the systems of the world that perpetuate the selfishness and separation from which all differences spring. This results in the awareness of the presence of the State of Grace, or the self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening Force, which is sustained through our individual and collective practice. We give and receive with perfect certainty, bringing innocence back into the world.

Dual Sensitivity

Source Temple is not a utopian gathering, in which every ego aspires to be perfect or to create a wholly fulfilling reality. The Sacred Cooperative Community provides a safe space to embrace the totality of one’s humanity—from the harshness and pain associated with human existence to the exalting power of love. Having become aware of the separative ego-“I,” or self-contraction*, and the universal suffering associated with it (magnified by the context of our intimate group process), we are constantly urged to transcend ourselves. In simplest terms: our (broken) hearts oblige us to forgive, which allows us to access love. This practice generates a frequency that is tangible and reverberates far beyond the physical borders of the community.

“True Art Communicates Reality (Real God). AS such, True Art Heals or Remedies the presumption of separateness or dis-connectedness. It is an Expression of Reality and a Transmission of Love. Life as Art characterises a life lived as a form or pattern of (and whose SOLE purpose is) separate self-Transcending Communication, which is LOVE.”


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