Considero que hay algo más;
considero que quiero algo más;
considero que hay dicha cuando compartimos la misma idea o el mismo sentimiento;
considero que te necesito para considerar lo que considero y completarlo o transformalo con lo que consideras;
considero que hay Alguien más allá de nosotros que nos Abraza y Considera que, aunque ya está todo considerado, es importante que nos rindamos a abrir nuestras consideraciones entre muchos considerantes para llegar juntos a la Feliz Revelación de que somos un único fruto de la Divina Consideración que nos creó y, por lo tanto, ya no habrá nada que considerar.

“consider” / “consideration” — Avatar Adi Da uses the word “consider” (and its variants) to refer to a process of one-pointed (but, ultimately, thoughtless) concentration and exhaustive contemplation of a particular object, function, person, process, or condition, until the essence, or ultimate obviousness, of that object is clear. As engaged in the Reality-Way of Adidam, “consideration” is not merely an intellectual investigation. It is the participatory investment of one’s whole being. If one “considers” something fully—in the context of one’s practice of devotion to Avatar Adi Da and study of his Reality Teaching—this concentration results “in both the deepest intuition and the most practical grasp of the Lawful and Divine necessities of human existence.

from “The complete Yoga of Emotional-Sexual Life” glossary

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