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First 50 lessons ACIM

The first 50 lessons of the workbook of ACIM effectively and thoroughly deconstruct all concepts you hold about the world. It dislodges the mind from its fixed position,  leading inevitably to the undoing of everything you see now.

A Course In Miracles

A Course in Miracles is Itself a Miracle. More than merely a re-iteration of the Perennial Wisdom, A Course in Miracles transforms the psyche of the reader through the simple exposure to Its cohesive thought system. This is accomplished by virtue of the (self-evident) Certainty that it is Wholly and Consistently TRUE. It IS, in fact and in experience, Truth Itself, made manifest as an ACT of Love on the part of One who has both Realized and Embodied Truth or Reality Itself. This One is (clearly) the historical figure, Jesus of Galilee.