About Source Temple

A multi-generational melting pot of 15 different nationalities, we are a community of 20 dedicated practitioners of the teachings of Jesus through A Course In Miracles as well as formal devotees of Adi Da Samraj. How we all came together is part of the Great Mystery, but our decision to live together arose from our deep desire to give all our energy and focus to to be a living demonstration of the certainty that God Is; to have Perfect Faith in Consciousness Itself, and to extend this Peace to one another and beyond.

We have been proving this possibility for over ten years, offering it as a real alternative for all of humankind.

Creative Expression

The urge to create beauty has always been at the center of our community, palpable in our architecture, gardens, food and forms of interpersonal expression, which communicate Art to all. 

We use performing arts as a means to express our heart-communion with Real God. As a practice, it condenses our entire process — relationship, responsibility, persistence, forgiveness, and celebration — in one sacred, ecstatic offering. Far from the traditional performer-audience dynamic, our theater is utterly encompassing: all participate and receive the gifts of self transcendence, or love, by stepping onto the stage in an act of great vulnerability and surrender. As conscious Performers, we demonstrate that active, whole-body participation inherently leads to the open and free flow of Life Energy.


Living in a Sacred Cooperative Community means our perception of the world is constantly transformed, allowing for a shift and expansion of all our ideas, including those of value and exchange. Operating on the principle of trust, our economic system is sustained by our individual and collective transcendental process.
We cooperatively and consciously share our functions, resources, and vitality. Finances and properties are collective, and our daily service is guided by the principles of reciprocity and solidarity.
Our constantly evolving personal and communal needs are met through relationship. This process not only encourages local production amongst ourselves and in nearby communities but also promotes an overall pattern of lower consumption.


The culture of a Sacred Community is one of awareness of the impact of our thoughts and actions on one another and on the physical world, thus influencing the way we relate to our environment. As honoring Life, and therefore our connection with nature, is fundamental to our contact with the Sacred, our awareness of the environment is a daily practice and consideration. We build with minimal environmental impact, grow fruits and vegetables, make use of dry toilets, compost, use renewable energy, buy local products, and reuse materials as much as possible.


The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need. Prayer is a stepping aside; a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving. Prayer is an offering; a giving up of yourself to be at one with Love. There is nothing to ask because there is nothing left to want. Ask, only, to receive what is already given; to accept what is already there.

The Song of Prayer – A Course in Miracles

If you enter into True Prayer things will work to the good. Not because God likes people who do this sort of thing and rewards them—but because of the Law, because of the Nature of the Divine, because of the Condition of this phenomenon of human existence. It is a psycho-physical phenomenon, therefore it is responsive to psycho-physical changes. True prayer is active conversion of the body-mind from self-possession to God-possession.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Our Source,
Which is always and Everywhere Present,
Wholeness is Your State of Being,
Your Context Is Realized,
Your Will is Accomplished,
In This World as it Is in Reality.
Today we are Sustained by You Unending Love.
You Have Corrected our Misperceptions,
And so we are Your messengers of Peace,
You Have Led us to You,
And away from the illusion of separateness.
For Yours is the Kingdom,
The Power, And the Glory,
Forever, Amen.

The Universal World-Prayer
(A Prayer To The Heart Of Reality, Proposed By The Divine World-Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj)
Beloved, Inmost Heart of every heart,
do not Let our human hearts be broken
by our merely mortal suffering here
but Make our mortal human hearts break-Free
to an unconditional love of You,
that we may, Thus, love all living beings
with Love’s own True,
and Truly broken, Heart

I am God’s Son,
complete and healed and whole,
shining in the reflection of His Love.
In me is His creation sanctified
and guaranteed eternal life.
In me is love perfected,
fear impossible,
and joy established without opposite.
I am the holy home of God Himself.
I am the Heaven where His Love resides.
I am His holy Sinlessness Itself,
for in my purity abides His Own

Source Temple and the Great Reset

“Sentiments like those behind Sacred Economics seem naively idealistic without exemplars like Source Temple, which can remind us that our secret longing is no fantasy; that it is possible here on earth and not even very far away. The more we see love made visible around us, the more our own love dares to express itself too. There are places in the world where people live devotionally, holding that intention consciously in community.” (Charles Eisenstein)

La Route de Soi

“The essence of Source Temple reminds me of the teachings of the Tao. In the Tao, the teachings and the teacher itself cannot be grasped by intellect, and no perfect combination of words exist to describe and explain the extent of their meaning. If you try to capture its essence, it escapes you. If you surrender to it, it finds you in your heart. Source Temple is the safe space and context in which an alternative to life as we know it can be birthed. ” (Yasmine)

Experiences from
our Visitors

“I came here upside down…… and I left inside out. I’m so grateful that these beautiful people open their doors and allow others to share in the healing force field they’ve created. It’s truly something special. I will FOREVER cherish my time there, as they gave me so many wonderful gifts that I’ll take with me throughout my life: a different way to see the world, and a different way to experience it. To stop thinking and start feeling. To be at peace in the present moment.” (Taylor)