At the Dinner Table

I was having dinner with the whole community when I suddenly looked around at our beautiful gathering, surprised. I was relaxed and open. And everyone was this open as well. So I asked, in introspective enquiry, “What happened to those days when I would be afraid to share a meal with my companions?”

It was clear that all the purification we went through was bearing fruit, especially after this last week, having had so many long and deep considerations every day. We were considering, with profound fire and urgency, a big change in the management of community resources, reflecting a collective jump in responsibility and wholeness. And everything was said, and everyone was heard. Ideas, memories, frustrations, hopes, directions and much more came to the surface. Everything was exposed and forgiven in the Light of the unreality of it all.

So sitting at that table, after so much said and revealed, after so many risks taken, after finding such commitment and love for these people, how could I avoid them now? How could I not love them by merely gazing at them— a handful of open hearted humans enjoying a gorgeous meal? What else could I want for dinner but a perfect picture of Peace?

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