The Substance of A New World

What makes my life meaningful, however it looks like day by day, is an untouchable certainty that the family that has my heart is a result of divine intervention on earth. The family of the lovers of the true source of love itself, the divine behind the natural forces, recreating a unique complexity of relational entanglements, that allows for a unique process of liberation from the dilemma of identity. As a perfect symbol of man making peace with his Creator and himself, my family, as a whole representation of such universal process, is clearly undergoing the crisis of transcending self-hatred altogether and forever.

I can present a clear sign that points to this occurrence, very simple but overwhelming: a new dynamic is emerging in our collective practice, a new way of dealing with mass psychic disturbances within a group of people. When a specific form of fear arises among us, the depth of the crisis experienced no longer allows for resort to strategies based on re-asserting the disturbance, either by managing or avoiding it. Instead, we are finally able to gather together our whole beings, inside our holy room and actively pray, until all the masks of fear are exposed for what they represent: obstacles, that inevitably and finally yield to the love that has been calling from behind all along. This turning became evident after a specific situation that called for looking at changes in the economy management of the family.

I can track this breakthrough to the moment it started to become a real possibility in my own individual process, and the great consequences it entailed. One time, I became sensitive enough to the rawness of the deep traumatization of the mind of the average human being, to the point of feeling obliged to compulsively lie about everything, all of the time, wasting myself/himself/herself completely. This oppressed, with immense fear and cruelty, any attempt to cross the line of self-recognition with each other. So deep was the pain of such an acknowledgement that an inevitable question arose in my mind: “as representative of that average, what is my own unconscious cooperation with this dreadful matrix exactly?”

The answer came immediately the moment I opened up to it, and in a climate of insight and self-understanding, was directly informed from the loving sphere of spirit: what I am seeing is simply a self-imposed decision to hate myself, for holding so irrevocably dear a false idea about existence.

How everything became a delusional conflict with my own shadows is the story worthy of leaving behind forever, at any cost. An instant of deep sobriety is enough to get in touch with my inherent freedom, the freedom to decide that I-only-am-what-I-really-am, and I see only that out pictured, nothing else. Peace is the decision, a new whole reflection is the outcome. A decision that becomes “the substance of a new world”.

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