“Here what matters is the contact.” That was the beginning of my last visit to one of the spaces dedicated to art and culture in São Paulo. I went to watch a contemporary dance performance produced by a group of six artists who had no prior agreement on how the show would be, just the challenge of creating a work dedicated to surrendering to the present moment.

The texture of the salon was meditative and the energy, which is always free, was translated into beauty. Cultural centers were always a refuge for me when I lived in the city, my second home. During this visit, it is no different. I am the spectator of a series of immensities that make me reflect and remember how culture (mainly popular and counter-hegemonic) is a healing tool and an essential part in the restoration of the Sacred.

In a world where everything seems separate, artistic expression unifies experiences and processes. I watch myself and the audience blend and transform in each show. In minutes, ordinary scenes communicated, in such a simple way, real teachings about the process of transcendence.

Art is language. An exercise of consecration, a context to give yourself in full, a passport to the space where the function of the human being is to be a channel for Communication.

* Nepantla: a liminal space, zone of impetuous transition, the space-in-between worlds.

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