Source Temple Sanctuary is a safe place for the willed transcendence of the body and world. It is a gathering of Souls (a Soul being a Sovereign Son or an Effect of the First or Primary Cause which can be called God) intending to demonstrate individually and collectively that in Reality, all things are possible.

The only true collective is a Soul collective, because only Souls can (are in a position to) acknowledge a single Context or Source. A Temple is a dedication (an action in consciousness), and therefore may or may not be associated with a location in space. Dedication necessarily involves relationship (one must be dedicated to something), and in this sense, Source Temple is a shared (mutual) dedication to The Common Source. In our common allegiance to our Source lies our Real Relationship to one another, and together, with God.

Dedication in the world must first be directed toward others (in the form of Selfless Service), until identification with the Quality which informs (suffuses) the world at its genesis (which is Now) is wholly realized and actively demonstrated. This Quality is Love.

Source Temple Sanctuary is an active demonstration of the Effect of a shared dedication to Source culminating in a Loving sphere of influence which is palpable, substantial and capable of drawing other Sovereign Sons into a state of awareness which is utterly unified and perfectly peaceful.

Source Temple Sanctuary is a context for the maturation of self-recognition until complete identification with the Sovereign Son is realized, at which stage the Soul is Free to elect It’s own place in the Cosmic scheme. The progression of the Soul’s development is determined by the Soul Itself, for reasons known only to It. These reasons reflect the character of experience sought after by the Soul, which may indeed run the entire spectrum from Divine Self-Realization to the thrill of rubbing stones together in the palm of a human hand. In all of Creation, there is no one in a position to judge the activity of a Soul in it’s relationship with itself within the context of its own Sovereign Domain.

Ultimately, since all of time and space is here and now, the only real progress is immediate fulfillment. Self-realization is thus clearly only a matter of identification. Souls may choose to associate within the context of a form manifestation with varying degrees of material identification (all of which are ultimately only temporary modifications of the Soul Itself) or It may choose to remain aware of Itself as the Causal Context of all modifications (effects), even while simultaneously consorting with the manifest world. Any conception of differences between the perceived world and the being-ness of the Soul is only a mis-perception.

Identification with the manifest world is thus never a dilemma unless there is a failure to remember that there is always another Identification available. If such a failure occurs, the Soul’s only recourse is an appeal to Its Cause, which is the Common Source.

Source Temple Sanctuary is not a location so much as it is a vehicle of transition; a haven of safety wherein which the inevitable evolutionary transformation of mankind occurs in a supportive and accelerating environment.

This vehicle has been stabilized through the consistent practice on the part of those who reside in the frequency associated with this transition. It is therefore possible to enter into an experience which is immediate, effortless and indicative of the ascension unto God.

Our collective awareness is moving toward a more secure place to exhibit the natural signs of material transcendence: an increasingly transparent body and world, and a steadily diminishing willingness to associate with its petty and meaningless ways.

We intend together, to overcome the confinement of the body and world through an active conversion or translation of thought-form identity through consistent and absolute God dependency. We have agreed together that time is unnecessary, and only our willingness to rely wholly upon God, AND ONE ANOTHER, is required to realize that salvation is always already accomplished.

We are moved and guided by our increasing intolerance of delay to choose a more demanding model of transcendence, which requires the individual consciousness to recognize and collapse the tendency toward projection with an immediacy which has not been demonstrated until now.

The new location being provided conforms to the current model of material transcendence. It is open and inclusive, yet requires a real, physical, and immediate gesture of relinquishment of all ties to the world not just as an abstract consideration, but as a WILLED and tangible acknowledgment of the impossibility of lasting satisfaction within the material realm.

In other words, to find us (in consciousness, and thereby in form) requires a consistent and absolute gesture of submission. We are not located in time, but rather in a transitional location vibrating just above the frequency associated with body identity.

We will therefore be invisible except to those who are sincerely ready to rise above the world and fall freely into the Heart of God…





Our Source,
Which is always and Everywhere Present, Wholeness is Your State of Being, Your Context Is Realized, Your Will is Accomplished, In This World as it Is in Reality.
Today we are Sustained by You Unending Love.
You Have Corrected our Misperceptions, And so we are Your messengers of Peace, You Have Led us to You, And away from the illusion of separateness.
For Yours is the Kingdom, The Power, And the Glory Forever,