Looking for a word to describe the transcendental process as I am experiencing it, I find: Surrender.

Purely by Grace, I have been given a Context to relinquish all my self-constructed images that keep me bound to fear.

This is not just any Context. This is a Room empowered by the all-consuming Fire of translation in which the only dance is one of Surrendering.

This Context is the choice itself for God above all else and the relinquishment of any other possibility.

As the fire undoes all my chosen (but usually hidden) disguises, I walk the tight rope of a constantly deepening Devotional Relationship to the Divine Form (and Presence and State).

Its Divine Ecstatic Word reveals its wonders while keeping me sane as

I move beyond my identification, the illusions burning away.

The Word is Light, while the Context is Purely Merciful Love.

Its Mantra of Benevolence resounds with soft tones of sweet embrace: “Whatever this is, I am waking up and God Loves me.”

All Glory to God!

All Gratitude to Beloved for a Perfect Context of Awakening.

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