Humanity is immersed in a dark epoch in which the sacred has been almost extinguished from human consciousness. We are confronted by wars, scarcity, misery, differences, exclusions of all kind as well as the worship of pain, suffering, and death. Living in a decadent world without love, the expression of free energy that arises from the liberation of separative patterns is crucified. This denial of the light is usually called the matrix, maya, the illusion, ego, or sin. It manifests as separate individuals seeking for answers in religion and science, craving the power of knowing and conquering everything. Unaware of this tendency, the human mind remains cyclically asleep, repeating the same pattern of separation, pain, and death, actively rejecting the miracle, or State of Grace, which is available to all and in which anything is possible.  

Our practice is to consciously transcend our childish ego-dependence on the materialistic, secular state. In active cooperation with one another, we become self-sufficient, free, humorous, and unexploitable, thus restoring the sacred domain as the basis for human life.